Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hey guys! I finished my iMovie 11 essentials video and got my certificate. Chow was a great presenter and was very knowledgeable on this program. Near the end he began to compare iMovie with Final Cut Pro. The distinct differences is that iMovie is a movie editor for the masses like Windows Movie Maker. iMovie is user friendly that's easy to pick up and comes with a lot of nice pre made settings. I especially like how the majority of iMovie's actions are represented by its own icon and graphical representation. Final Cut Pro however is a professional piece of heavy duty industry software that does require a lot of training if you want to use it. Final Cut Pro offers more options and is able to export to other professional software; such as Apple Color, Soundtrack and Shake. I will say that iMovie makes it easy to just share your movies with Youtube and Facebook, where any time saved is always a good thing. The realtime viewing is also a plus, where with most video editing programs they require you to render everything out before you can just preview it. They both have their pros and cons, but its always good to have another tool in your arsenal for the real world, kind of like an ace in the hole if you catch my drift. Until next time, take care and feel free to leave comments. Thanks for viewing my post.

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