Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello, everyone. I’ve got a real ringer for you. I’m here to talk about “”, a web 2.0 tool that allows you to share your screen with someone else, or a group of up to 250 people. Pretty exciting right? You’re probably wondering why this interests people. Well, I’m sure everyone gets tired of assembling for meetings, or gets sick for a lesser sense. With “”, now you won’t have to worry about having a physical place for meetings. This web tool is fast and simple to use, with virtual no downloading. Share the code with your co-workers and presto, they are at a computer watching you present. It definitely takes the scary out of speaking in a room full of people who decide your future. “” maybe be a little scary, heck its like having a bunch of people watching over your shoulder, but no worries. This tool is anything but, its designed with the user in mind and it does what is says it does without all the bells and whistles. You share your screen with someone or anyone for that matter. It’s simple, effective and versatile for so many different things. So what else other than board meetings would it be good for? Well, let’s say your client or student is having trouble with a file on their computer, or something isn’t working right. Well, you could just share a ScreenFlow video, but where’s the feedback. There’s something to be said about showing someone how to do something versus watching a video on how to do it. With “” now we can show our student or client how to fix and address the problem while answering any more individual questions they may have. Not just with fixing problems, “” can also be used to teach your more “distanced” or online learners. When introducing new software or presenting a mulitmedia presentation, your students won’t have to wonder what’s happening and rewatch the video, but learn it the first time and be connected to it.

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  1. Thanks Billy, sounds like a great tool. I'll have to check it out. I think it may come in handy for a couple of groups that I'm affiliated with.