Sunday, November 6, 2011

WK 2 Think Out-Loud PPP: To Present or to Publish?

I have always been a writer, there is no denying that, but from what I have researched and read from my other classmates the matters surrounding Publish are rather scary to believe. Not only will I be unable to change what I have posted or updated, it means I will lose the rights to my work work as well. All emotion to aside, this does not seem right as there are new changes in technology and education that can affect my research causing for a change. So scientifically I can see why I am unable to to adapt my writings as it were. Finally being able to get published is one dream I have, but I do not wish to do it this way. Open Access allows you to keep an archived copy of your work that can be accessed by anyone.
Looking at the terms of presenting a Presentation in a public venue has garnered a lot of attention and seems to be more interesting to me and my findings. With the way technology is moving people would rather watch a TED video than reach a bunch of Research Papers. But with that in mind, where can I present for a newcomer like me? Looking through the list that was given to us, I recall seeing the name ISTE before. Looking through my computer for the answer, I found that I had attended a conference in Second Life and I had joined the group two years before. I am unsure what "validity" has to do with certain conferences, but the SITE Conference has a real conference and a virtual conference that sounds really promising. Though the expiration for proposals has past it will be something I will have to be mindful of next year. I really like the idea of doing a virtual conference and I am looking for more. The GAETC was something I had more possibility of going to since its only a few states away and was interesting to look at since it happened this past weekend. I couldn't find a place to submit my own presentation, but they talked about the types of Sessions they have which included: Bring-Your-Own-Technology (BYOT), regular, special, Birds-of-a-Feather and Smackdown. It was fairly humorous to read these names but the names are really about getting information out there. Hopefully once the hype dies down from the convention, they will a place to go submit for next year's conference. As often as I frequent to TED and would love to attend the TED Conference myself, I don't think I have any real criteria to go as a Presenter. My meager research is nothing compared to saving the world from itself. Since I think I will choose to do a Presentation, I still need to do more research on where to do it, I'd hate for all my hard work to be lost in the digital space.
In any case, I would like the opinions of my classmates before I make a definite decision. Please leave a comment, I will ask in my Facebook Group and ask the class during Wimba. Thanks again.

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  1. Interesting thoughts on the "first rights" problem... I just attended the local TEDx Orlando session this past weekend... there's a future opportunity there... but won't be applicable to this assignment. Good luck.