Sunday, November 13, 2011

WK 3 Peer Comment: Lara L.

Lara L's Post:

MAC blog post #10- The Art of Possibility

I found the chapter on "The Way Things Are" to resonate with me. I pride myself on being a very creative, "out-of-the-box" thinker who can find new solutions for many of life's challenges and obstacles. I am also very determined and persistent about getting what I want. These qualities create a variety of effects; I often (but do not always) get what I want. When I don't get what I want I react in 1 of 3 ways; I find a new angle as a means to that end and try again, or I find a replacement goal and pursue that, or very rarely, I become angry and spiral into a black hole of loss of control. Being so adept at "controlling" my world also can have its backlashes; I have a tendency to WAY over-think things and second-guess myself into paralysis. Drives my mother crazy. I create too many options for myself which results in a condition I like to call FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This is a Rule #6 moment; I am lol-ing at myself here... So I would say I have some difficulty with the practice of being with "The Way Things Are" (frequent yoga notwithstanding). Although the one exception to this for me is when it comes to other people and relationships in my life; I do not attempt to control people, I do not hold grudges, I do not often allow myself to be hurt by other peoples actions. This is another Rule #6 moment; people do not think about you nearly as often as you think they do, so don't imagine that their actions have anything to do with you.
However the sum of these parts may actually be aligned with the practice of "The Way Things Are". The result is that I consider myself to be in complete ownership of all of my choices; that I have been lucky enough to have made every choice and had all of the control, which has landed me exactly where I am today. And I am not built for regret.

My Comment:

Regret is a perfectly viable human emotion and has its time and place. Please do not be so dismissive as regret can also be a form of reflection. It should be short and practiced sparingly, but to be completely ignorant of it can be rather dangerous. It is great to hear you completely own up to all your choices and this tells me you don't flop around with things and you are equally responsible and accountable (sorry was looking at some job interview sites). Being accountable is an extremely great quality to have and you should be very proud in that. Lastly, you should never have to "replace a goal" as you have said. When you replace a goal, you're changing the vision and compromising with the set reality. No one would have gotten anywhere if they just compromised. You should have a goal and stick with it, regardless of how hard or tough it is. A revision or a modification of the goal is one thing, but to "replace" it is completely mortifying to me. In any way, great post. Reading your blog has been a great reveal into who you are and how you intend to use what you have learned here.

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