Sunday, November 20, 2011

WK 4 Peer Comment: Michelle B.

Michelle B's Post:

Wk 4 Reading: The Art of Possibility Chapters 9-12

So here is the last blog post for the Art of Possibility (Zander & Zander 2000) and I must say that it has been a very good read. It’s definitely going to be in a few Christmas stockings this year. I was particularly inspired in chapter 9 when the author spoke about working in the inner city schools. Newham is actually the first local authority I worked for and where I got started on the road of education. As a teacher it is almost a per-requisite to inspire, not only those we instruct but also those I work with. Empowering those around us in life to allow them to find their inner flame, facilitating a safe space to radiate their gift to the world, which is their individuality! How poignant, we are all co-creating the reality we experience around us! It’s never really just you or me. Just think about how dependent we are on electricity. Could we harness that power without someone turning that switch on? Another point to be mindful of is the choice we have over the quality of our experience. Once we take responsibility for our lives in this manner, we are then master of circumstance rather than victim. One thing I try to remember is this; imagine you start your life as a cup filled with water. After a while you need change the water. Putting in what you choose, dirty water or clean water. All of these fundamental truths have so nicely been put together in this book. It is easy to read, not too abstract and can strike a chord with so many different people. A Wonderful song for life.

My Comment:

Wow, what great insight you possess. You have taken pages and pages of text and summarize into a few quick sentences. Filled with such thought provoking messages and analogies. Hearing about where you started from and your relation to the story in the text must make it ever so much more meaningful for you and you must have gained a great deal more being able to relate to the text in tat fashion. I believe fully in "Once we take responsibility for our lives in this manner, we are then master of circumstance rather than victim", you are absolutely correct. I also wonder if it is possible to harness the power without having the need to turn on switch. Such great thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing.

P.S. Yes this would make a great Xmas present.

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