Sunday, November 20, 2011

WK 4 Reading: Being the Board

The entire reading for this month has been so refreshing and enlightening. It has been such a great experience. Trying to refrain from my last Reading post, I shall leave it to a single chapter in which I can relate my experience to for it will suffice. The chapter of which held the most significance to is Chapter 10. Being the Board is such a profound expression that I shall hold within for as long as I am. By being the board, and not just the chess pieces it asks you to retain a state of responsibility at all times, or as often as your calculative self will allow. I know a great deal of responsibility and and accountability from a leadership camp I attended during High School. The camp experience was both zany and significant to who I am today and has taught me to lead a life that asks me to be responsible and show that to others as an example. However, the reading takes this ever so much more, a step further. For one can take leading by example as test to others or a stake to claim as it were, but this chapter asks us to eliminate to the example part entirely and to be responsible and accountable regardless of the situation. There is no right or wrong or a revamped version of the "blame game", but to entirely be acceptable of the moment, the present and to break the wall of the future and to open up to more possibilities.


  1. Billy - As I've come to know you over these past few months, I have always enjoyed your humor and playful spirit in class. Yet I equally admire your insight. I appreciate the comments you've made in the post as it reveals the importance of responsibility and accountability - something that people twice your age still try to avoid. Great job Billy!

  2. Being the Board seems to be the winning chapter this month. Accountability, responsibility, owning all of one's experiences... defusing the blame game, victim game.... very powerful ideas.